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Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Serving Southern California and Surrounding Cities

Personal Injury Lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm are aggressive, experienced and focused personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles serving all of Southern California. Wilshire Law Firm is your full service source for information and legal services regarding Injury Law. Our legal staff offers professional, courteous, personal care and a lawyer to provide professional legal service, quality client care, and answers to all of your questions regarding your case.


Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You!
Day, Night, and Weekend Appointments Available.


Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers can help you:

  • Repair or replace your vehicle
  • Receive compensation for medical bills
  • Receive specialized medical care at no cost up front
  • Get paid for pain and suffering
  • Evaluate the value of your case
  • Estimate how long it will take to settle your case
  • Change attorneys if not satisfied
Full Service, Experienced and Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney & Staff

If you have been injured in an accident of any kind, from a car accident, to a motorcycle accident, to a truck accident, or any other type of personal injury case, we are here to provide an accident attorney to help you receive compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and repair or replacement expenses for your vehicle, even helping you get reimbursement for your rental car expenses. Are lawyers go the extra step by providing you with access to our network of medical specialists who specialize in personal injury accidents, getting you the right doctors close to your home to offer specialized treatment and care of your injuries.

We are dedicated to provide the utmost care and service.

Because our office and staff is focused on personal injury, we offer special care and understanding when it comes to your personal injury case. We take pride in knowing that our business comes from satisfied clients who have recommended our legal services to other victims who have been injured in personal injury cases.

If you have been in an accident, you need a personal injury attorney who is focused in the specialty area of law, stays up to date on personal injury law and trends, and talks to insurance companies on a daily basis. Personal injury victims deserve special care and service that can be best provided by a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles who focuses on accident negotiations and settlements. We will fight for your rights to help you get paid and achieve the settlement you deserve.

We have a high success rate.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Bobby Saadian, Esq. and his professional staff will personally handle your case. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, please call Wilshire Law Firm at (800) 649-9988 for a free personal injury attorney consultation with an accident lawyer Los Angeles. Are lawyers are here to serve you.